Frontview of a Book about the production of technical Snow with the title "Schnee von Morgen"Abstract illustration of a clock. With the zurichgerman description "Gelerettli", and the german description "Klock".Movie Still leading to the project "im Dialog"
Black and white photography of sandpaper and safety glasses.Poster for the literature festival Basel 2020.
Showing the word Connextions in large stretched letters.
Screenshot of an experiment with p5.js and the names of the dogs from the city of Zurich.Still of the shortfilm "open up and listen" showing a lock.
A hand holding a phone showing the website with a map of WLAN-namesA tear-off calendar of 2022 with the songs of the Swiss-"Hitparade". Strips can be put in a Musicbox.Photography of different textures and water.A 3D render of a brain in a bubble. As a part of the project "Einsteins Gehirn"
A black and white graphical illustration of farfalle pasta. Photgraphy of an experiment with flour. Black flour on white background.
Poster for the fictional exhibition "Zeit Raum"A black and white photography of Ice showing its textures.Cover of the project "aber suscht gahts guet":
All 72 reports of damage that occurred in the city of Zurich between 1st and 10th April 2020 from the database of the project
Züri wie neu.Sign showing an abstract camel of an imaginative signage project for the Zoo Zürich.
Colorfull business cards of with the corporate identity of the imaginative brand "KH".
Illustration of the "Momentograph". A speculation about what the machine in our head looks like that captures every moment. Photography of different textures and water. With brush bristles and bubbles.still with apples of the an animation in the shortfilm collection.