Working with Hanna Broman and Anna Bürki, we developed a corporate identity for a restaurant that opened in autumn 2022 in Basel's Merian Gardens. The project was a collaboration with the Merian Gardens, known for their unique collection of irises. The restaurant's identity should embody the principles of nature education and conservation, while also reflecting its local, and contemporary character. The design idea is based on a photo representation of the colourful flowers of the iris collection, arranged in a grid and sorted by year of cultivation, which can be applied to the various formats of the identity, such as business cards, postcards, menus and posters.
4. Semester 2021,
Visual Communication and Digital Spaces,
Corporate Identity
with Hanna Broman and Anna Bürki
Lecturers: Phillip Stamm,
Annik Troxler

A Poster with 100 colorful Iris on it. A CI for the new restaurant in the Merian Gärten
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