"We book your ticket to any station in Europe!" The young start-up SimpleTrain has set itself the goal of simplifying train travel to Europe. More and more people want to travel by train and become enthusiastic "trainsetters".

It all began in 2019 when I was asked to create a logo. Being one of five first team members, I was able to partake in the project from its beginning and continue to shape it to this day.

With the help of the Migros Pioneer Fund the project was able to really gain speed. Since then, many things have been designed. Business cards, Wireframes, letterheads, lottie files, Christmas, shirts, postcards, Ui -Features, maps, google ads, reels, websites, podcast cover...
Logo of the StartUp SimpleTrain. That helps people getting traintickets online to travel all over Europe
An illustration showing that the emission of a Airplane ist 220 gram CO2 per kilometer, the Train has emissions of 36 gramm per kilometer and the Car 125 gramm CO2 per kilometer.
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