The Alpine region is particularly sensitive to climate change. In recent decades, the mean snow line has risen by about 300 metres. According to moderate climate predictions, a further increase of 500-700 metres is expected during the rest of this century. (Müller & Weber, 2008). Compared to 1970, the winter season has been cut by roughly 37 days in recent years. Technical snowmaking is essential since the amount of snowy ski resorts will shrink by more than a half by the close of the century. Using snowmaking can decrease this percentage to 25% (Marty et al., 2017). These changes in weather conditions are significantly affecting Swiss ski resorts and, as a result, winter tourism - Pascale Josi, 2018.

Schnee von Morgen
Bachelor 5. Semester, HS 2021,
Visual Communication and Digital Spaces,
Information design,
Atlas of Critical Zones
Concept and Design:
Karin Hugentobler & Anna Bürki
Lecturer: Prof Marion Fink
Schnee von Morgen
Topviewof a Book about the production of technical Snow.  Showing that you can look inbetween the pages to find out more. Topview of the Book about the production of technical Snow  showing the bindig of the book and the two parts. One with thin pages and one with thick pages.
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