Data can create contradictions in what we expect, which can sometimes lead to comical situations. This is why I believe that data visualisation can offer viewers a unique perspective on various topics in a humorous way. In my thesis, my aim was to illustrate a dataset in a manner that highlights the humorous aspects.

I saw lot of comical potential in our relationship to the internet. So I started collecting Wi-Fi names and taking photos of mobile phone towers in my hometown, Pfäffikon. I documented more than 8228 Wi-Fi names and 15 mobile phone towers in a village of 12,000 inhabitants. I was interested in the ubiquity of the Internet and how much we depend on it.

The WLAN name directory can also be found online

More information and pictures on the website of the diploma exhibition

BA Thesis 6. Semester 2022,
BA Visual Communication and Digital Spaces,
FHNW Basel
BA Thesis
"Das Komische in Daten"

Lecturers:Kambiz ShafeiDr. phil. Claire Reymond
Ted Davis

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